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Home Composting is Easy with Envirocycle

Home composting is easy with Envirocycle. It starts by gathering the right ingredients, and there are two main types of compostable ingredients, which are known as Green Material and Brown Material. Green material is high in nitrogen and usually wet, like fruit and vegetable scraps, and a variety of plant matter. Brown material is high in carbon and is usually dry, like dry leaves or paper and cardboard products. Envirocycle recommends collecting Greens and Browns in separate containers and making trips to the composter as needed. The Composters work best in an outdoor location like in the garden, on an apartment balcony, or on the patio. Add your Green and Brown compostable material to the Composter Drum, at a mixture of approximately 75% Green Material and 25% Brown Material. Turn the drum 3 times, every 3 days, and after approximately 4 to 8 weeks, the Composter will produce great compost for your garden to grow strong plants and healthy food.

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Home Composting is Easy with Envirocycle