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A pioneer in innovation.

Back in 1991, Envirocycle pioneered the first ever affordable home compost tumbler system. Soon after that, it was also the first composter to have a liquid collecting Base. Envirocycle Composters of today are a product of almost 25 years of experience, building on and improving past best selling designs. Click here to learn more.

Crafted nobly.

Envirocycle is making a difference in the world by changing the way people treat their waste. It all starts with making innovative products with the highest quality recycled and new materials, refined manufacturing processes and minimizing the use of packaging and while maximizing the use of recycled packaging materials. The design of the products are the ultimate marriage between artistry and engineering, with thought put into every shape and curve to maximize every material used, and bring beauty to wherever the customer chooses to use the product. The timeless designs make them products of essential luxury that outclass and outlast the competition. Being solid like a tank,
they take the punishment of long and enthusiastic use. Click here to learn more.